Environment care is one of Pimet’s priorities. How is it ensured in practice?

The company’s development strategy meets the legal requirements related to environmental care. Our manufacturing technologies and processes are designed to:

  • limit the company’s negative environmental impact;
  • optimise the use of raw materials and energy consumption;
  • improve the waste management system.

Limiting the company’s negative environmental impact

Optimisation of the use of raw materials and energy consumption

Improving the waste management system

The actions mentioned above allow us:

  • to use some waste in the casting department;
  • to sort and sell metal waste;
  • eliminate Cr+6 and follow the REACH Directive, which regulates the use of chemicals;
  • equip our fully automated zinc plating line with a waste neutralisation plant (neutralised waste of appropriate quality is discharged to the sewage system, while the neutralisation sludge is collected by a specialised company);
  • collect and deliver used mechanical oil to appropriate companies;
  • use a closed water circuit for the purposes of machine cooling and company heating;
  • sell phased-out machines to companies interested in their further use.

As a company, we are particularly proud of the modern solutions which we have been implementing over years to ensure environmental protection and the economical use of both materials and energy.